Coaching Niches

The art of coaching is suitable for all kinds of people and all walks of life. At a glance there are two types of coaches that are readily recognized and available: Life Coaches and Business Coaches. There are many nuances to life and business, which can only be catered to by specialized coaches. Pakistan Coaches Network has created a database of coaches belonging to multiple specializations. Here is a brief introduction to the coaching niches to help you identify the best coach for you. 

Life Coaching

A life coach helps their client find a purpose for their life. They work with their client to improve the quality of daily by defeating negative emotions, developing constructive habits, understanding and implementing time management tricks and creating a step-wise plan to fulfill the identified purpose. These coaches help keep the client on track by keeping them accountable for their actions with regular meetings. 

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Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching deals with using coaching principles to make relationships more fruitful and satisfying. Relationship coaches will help their client fulfill their goals for the various relationships in their life by using client-focused, future oriented, problem- solving techniques. 

Relationship coaches can provide Couples coaching, Parent coaching, Family coaching, Singles coaching and Divorce coaching.

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaches provide guidance to create sustainable changes to their client’s physical and emotional health. The coach helps the client develop a vision for their health and wellness. The coach also works with the client to visualize the path to the fulfillment of the goal and help them adopt healthy habits. The coach provides the necessary encouragement to the client as he achieves the milestones towards his end goal.

Health and wellness coaches can provide Recovery coaching and Spiritual coaching as well. 

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Business and Career Coaching

If you are looking to move towards a successful career in a disciplined way that is quick and sustainable or you want to take your business to newer heights, then you are looking for a business and career coach. These coaches work with you on streamlining your ambitions and vision and helping you develop an action plan that will take you to successes you never dreamed of before. 

Business and career coaches can be reached out for Marketing coaching, Sales coaching, Business Management coaching and Entrepreneurship coaching.  

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Executive Coaching

An executive coach typically works with high-potential employees who seek fulfillment of their development goals and intend to be influential managers and leaders in their organizations. These executives work in collaboration with their coach to bring clarity to their goals, chart a road map to achieve these goals utilizing their potential and talents to progress to success.

Executive coaches also provide Leadership and Team coaching. 

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Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development coach are contacted by people who look to improve themselves in one or more areas of their life. The coach empowers their clients by providing the necessary support and tools that can help the client fulfill their personal goals. The clients are people who want to become better versions of themselves, develop a stronger sense of self and discover their purpose of life. 

Personal Development coach can provide Success coaching and Motivational coaching. 

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